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GRP Fibreglass Roofing in Tamworth - Repair & Install Costs

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One of the best ways to cover a structure while also allowing light to penetrate it is by using Tamworth fibreglass roofing. Homeowners will find this material to be extremely durable and available in a wide variety of styles and colours to suit the exterior of nearly any structure. Best of all, it’s also affordable and easy to maintain.

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fibreglass roofing Tamworth, Staffordshire
what is fibreglass made of?

What is Fibreglass?

Fibreglass is a material made by taking very thin fibres of glass and then weaving them together. Once this is accomplished, a special resin is then added to it in order to harden it. The result is a heavy-duty material that is nonetheless very lightweight, making it ideal for a number of applications including roofing. Special dyes can be added during the manufacturing process to give it a unique colour in nearly any hue imaginable.

Types of Fibreglass Roofing

Fibreglass panels may be translucent or come in a variety of different colours. Even though colour is added, this material nonetheless allows sunlight to come in. This type of roofing can be smooth or have a somewhat rippled effect. It can also be found in solid sheets or in smaller units that somewhat resemble traditional shingles.

uses of fibreglass roofing

Uses for Tamworth Fibreglass Roofing

When it comes to fibreglass, Tamworth consumers generally prefer to use this material on outdoor structures. A few structures that are ideal for the placement of this type of roof include:

  • Carports
  • Patios
  • Enclosed porches
  • Garden sheds
  • Greenhouses
  • Garages
  • Sunrooms
  • Gazebos
  • Children’s playhouses

Benefits of Fibreglass Roofing

Those who choose this type of material for their outdoor structure can realize a number of benefits including:

  1. Easy to install and does not require any special tools
  2. Lightweight and easy to handle, making it a breeze to carry up and down ladders
  3. Multitude of colour choices available to suit any taste or décor
  4. Provides shade yet allows users to still enjoy natural sunlight
  5. Will not melt in extremely high temperatures
  6. Inexpensive when compared to other types of roofing materials
  7. Durable and can last up to 30 years
  8. Can be installed over existing roofs in many cases
  9. Easy to trim to exact specifications
  10. Not susceptible to rust or rot as is the case with metal or wood

Fibreglass Roofs and Aesthetic Appeal

In addition to the other benefits of fibreglass, including its durability and affordability, fibreglass affords home and business owners the opportunity to customize the exterior of their homes like no other material. Because it’s manufactured with special resins to harden and solidify the fibres, it’s relatively easy for manufacturers to add colour to the mix – even custom colours that aren’t otherwise available. Fibreglass can also be moulded into a variety of sizes, shapes and textures, which allows you to create any look you can imagine. Many homeowners find that mixing colors and textures allows them to create a uniquely attractive home exterior.

disadvantages of fibreglass

Disadvantages of a Fibreglass Roof

Although there are lots of advantages to choosing fibreglass, there are some disadvantages to doing so as well. When considering fibreglass roofing, Tamworth consumers should also be aware of the disadvantages which include:

  • Not capable of withstanding heavy loads
  • Does not protect against noise from wind or heavy rain
  • Does not insulate well
  • May fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight
  • Can crack if objects fall on top of it
  • Privacy can be compromised since those above it are able to look through it
  • Can expand or contract during fluctuations in temperature
  • The interior of a structure will be warmer during summer, thereby increasing cooling costs

Laminate Fibreglass vs. Fibreglass Shingles

GRP roofing is the name given to fibreglass used on flat roofs. It’s created from built-up layers of materials and resins designed to mimic the affordability, flexibility, and functionality of fibreglass shingles, and it’s most commonly used on garages, sheds, and other buildings that are not used as everyday living space. Fibreglass shingles, on the other hand, are installed much like traditional asphalt, but offer more affordability. It’s important to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each option before deciding on a roofing type.

Tamworth laminate fibreglass or shingles?

Factors that Influence the Cost

Although it is usually inexpensive to install fibreglass roofing, Tamworth contractors have varying price ranges based upon:

  1. Amount of trimming and cutting required
  2. Slope of the roofline
  3. Whether old roofing materials need to be removed
  4. Whether a false roof is added underneath for added stability
  5. Presence of skylights or other openings

An Affordable Roofing Solution

When the time comes to replace roofing, not many property owners consider the option of fibreglass. However, this type of roofing can be used in many applications and it is also highly affordable. If you have an area of your Tamworth home where you would like to take advantage of as much natural light as possible, it can provide an ideal solution. As a result, it can be used on conservatory roofs or any other outdoor buildings where as much light as possible is needed inside. Before installing a roof made of fibreglass, it’s recommended that you have your property inspected to determine whether it will be a suitable option or not.

Tamworth fibreglass roofing costs

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Installing Fibreglass on an Existing Roof

Asphalt shingles are incredibly common across the UK, but many Tamworth homeowners find that roof replacement becomes expensive when they factor in the cost of roof removal. That’s why fibreglass is continuously growing in popularity; it can be installed directly over existing asphalt shingles. It’s important to contact a contractor to assess the shape and condition of your existing roof beforehand, though. Your existing roof must be in relatively good condition to install asphalt directly on top. Most Staffordshire homeowners do this just before their asphalt roofs have reached the end of their lifespan, but before they have deteriorated.

Professional Installation Required

Although fibreglass roof sheets and shingles may be lightweight, it is not recommended that Tamworth homeowners attempt to work with that material in a DIY capacity. If broken or cracked, fibreglass roof sheets and shingles will release minute glass fibres which, when coming into contact with the skin, will cause severe itching, irritation or skin rashes. This is just one reason why professionals must install this roofing material.

Your Tamworth fibreglass roofing questions answered

Yes. It is durable, long lasting, and does not need to be replaced nearly as often as other, more traditional, roofing materials. In addition, old fibreglass shingles can be recycled into new materials once they wear out.

Fibreglass can be used in any application where traditional asphalt shingles would be used. The main benefit is that fibreglass roofing can last 2 to 3 times longer than traditional roofing techniques like asphalt or tar.

While fibreglass and fibreglass composite shingles are one of the least expensive roofing materials, they offer very little in the way of heat reduction. This could lead to an overall increase in heating and cooling costs if a loft is not well insulated.

This will depend on the size of your roof and the difficulty of the job. Most fibreglass roof installations will cost between £1,200 and £1,500. The cost may go up depending on the particular details of your roof.

No, as fibreglass has been used for roofing recreational vehicles since the 1930s. However, it has only recently become popular for roofing Tamworth homes, commercial buildings, and houses due to its superior insulating properties.

If prepared and installed correctly, a fibreglass roof can last for just as long as other types of roofing - even longer in some cases. However, it may not be as resistant to hard impacts such as large hailstones as metal roofing, for instance.

It’s true that fibreglass shingles offer two to three times the lifespan of asphalt shingles, but it’s also important to remember that fibreglass can crack and break more easily than asphalt, too. This means that you can enjoy double the lifespan of your roof, but you’ll likely need to perform more repairs during that time. Fortunately, repairs are often quite inexpensive and simple.

This is always recommended. Fibreglass is not as insulative as other materials, so your heating and cooling costs could increase if you do not add additional insulation. Talk to your contractor about the insulation materials, types, and amounts that would best suit your unique needs.

Fibreglass roofing can be absolutely transparent, which makes it quite versatile in many applications. Some homeowners choose to install flat panels in lieu of traditional skylights, which allows sunlight into a room at a precise point. Fibreglass can also be translucent, but it can never be 100% opaque due to the nature of the material used in its construction.

This is not recommended, as sheets and shingles can cause severe skin irritation if they are not handled correctly or if they become damaged.

This will depend largely on the type of roof that you would like to have it installed on top of as well as the condition of it. Always consult with a professional Staffordshire roofing company to obtain the correct advice.

The Quote Process

People who feel that roofs should protect them from the weather without blocking the natural beauty around them may want to consider Tamworth fibreglass roofing. Homeowners who choose this covering can enjoy plenty of refreshing sunlight without worrying about falling rain or snow. A roof made from fibreglass can effectively help people make the most of their outdoor structures no matter what their intended use is.

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Sample Roofing Requests

If you need a new or replacement Tamworth fibreglass roof installed then you're certainly not alone! These are just a few of the quote requests we receive daily here at Trusted Roofing. Why not get yourself some free quotes?

Date Summary Request
15 Oct New Coating Need a fibre glass coating in the roof valley. Currently felt. Semi-detached Victorian 2 bed.
15 Oct Garage Roof We are looking at quotes for a fibreglass garage roof... approximately 24ft x 11ft.
15 Oct Removal & Replacement Remove existing fibreglass which was incorrectly installed on original felt roof. Install new fibreglass cover. Approx' size is 8m wide x 4m long. Verge to one side with upstand.
15 Oct New Roof Needed Flat Roof replacement in Fibreglass approximately 14 metres squared.
15 Oct GRP Flat Roof I require grp flat roof. Dimension 6.8 metres by 4 metres. It will have a 3.7 metre by 1100 upstand detail on the centre to take a roof light.
14 Oct Replace Asbestos Roof Replace corrugated asbestos flat garage roof. Remove and dispose of asbestos. Fit fibreglass roofing to existing wooden beams. 7.5m x 3.5m. Good slope on roof.
14 Oct New Installation GRP roofing installed on an area of about 15 square metres.
14 Oct Flat Roof Extension Flat roof extension between back of house & garden wall 4.8 mtrs wide by 6.9 mtrs long with 2 x roof lights 1000mm square in grey fibreglass. Ready to go
14 Oct Fix Previous Job Approximately 3m by 2m slight pitched roof with 4 Velux windows in. The fibreglass roof needs replacing. Poor job done by the previous builder.
14 Oct Shed Roof I would like to replace the wood roof on my shed with fibreglass. It is a rather large shed, big enough to hold 3 cars. Can you please provide me with a quote for GRP roofing?
Fibreglass Roofing New roofing needed on our sheds (larger that typical sheds). The current roof is fibreglass so happy to replace them, or consider any cheaper suitable alternatives.
Advice Needed We are in need of a new roof, and this time we want advice on fibreglass roofing. We have a two-story house of average size in a middle class neighborhood. Please give us a quote for our roof.
Roof Replacement We have just purchased a property and would like to change some of the roofing to fibreglass sheeting to enable more light to enter some of the darker rooms. Would you be able to send someone around to provide an expert opinion, and provide us with an estimated cost to do this as well? Thank you.
Fibreglass Repairs The roof on our storage shed has cracked over the years and is finally starting to let water in. We've now fixed the foundations so would like the roof repaired or more likely replaced due to the extent of the damage.
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